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Real Time Response

Real-Time Response

We understand the importance of rapid response and communication.

954fb0ebf1d84fb921bfb0b6e045d57fWe respond to each request, question, referral or need in minutes rather than hours. All case managers are equipped with the technology to make this possible such as laptops and smartphones.

We use an integrated system that allows our office staff to locate our case managers at all times. Our staff is able to answer or return calls to all parties when the case manager is unable to directly answer calls.

Our interactive calendar can be accessed by all staff and is an essential part of our ability to track and communicate with all parties. All therapy and physician appointments are loaded on the calendar along with any special needs such as transportation, interpreting needs etc.

All appointments are confirmed as well as the injured worker’s attendance. All confirmations are obtained 24 in advance to avoid any possible delay in treatment as well as any fees that would be incurred as a result of nonattendance. Any such deviation is immediately addressed and reported to all parties.

Medical reports along with therapy progress notes are obtained and reviewed by the case manager and immediately forwarded to all parties.


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  • The Perfect Fit

    Webb Case Management was founded by a registered nurse with years of experience in the medical field working with occupational health and rehabilitation.

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