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Field Case Management

Field Case Management

Our field case management services begin immediately upon referral.

339a0e1449b6b4062056bc300d87e893We begin by obtaining and reviewing all medicals for the injured worker. We contact all parties involved, introduce ourselves, purpose and goals.

We gain brief medical histories from the injured worker as well as any potential barriers to recovery. Depending on the severity of the injury, we will assess the client’s home structure. This is especially important for clients with injuries that the current home structure may pose unsafe living conditions which are addressed immediately.

We attend all appointments if requested by the carrier and update all parties with the outcomes and any needs identified. Recommendations are made and carried out if the carrier directs the case manager to do so. We obtain all orders, work status forms and any office visit notes. These are reviewed and immediately forwarded to all parties to the file.

We assess for any other special needs such as transportation or interpreting services and coordinate these services as well.

We maintain contact with the injured worker and the employer throughout the duration of the file and keep current job descriptions on file along with any light duty descriptions is available.

We ensure all providers are also provided copies of these.


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  • The Perfect Fit

    Webb Case Management was founded by a registered nurse with years of experience in the medical field working with occupational health and rehabilitation.

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