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Telephonic Case Management

Telephonic Case Management

Designed to provide short-term medical case management for cases with less severe injuries.

22c02097e4438bd2f2f3fe4a6a3ab0e1This type of case management is generally performed in the same fashion as on site field case management and includes contact with the injured worker, healthcare provider, employer, carrier and any other parties as appropriate.

We discuss with the carrier the needs and goals for the injured worker at the time of file referral. We then create customized plan to suit all aspects of the claim and keep costs at a minimum while ensuring that all needs are met. We provide monthly reports and maintain contact with all parties to help identify and prevent any delay in care or deviation from the plan of care.

Should any deviations or other possible delays in care be identified, the carrier is made aware and recommendations from the case manager will be made to keep file progressing.

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  • The Perfect Fit

    Webb Case Management was founded by a registered nurse with years of experience in the medical field working with occupational health and rehabilitation.

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